Claddagh Bed and Breakfast, the Michigan bed and breakfast in Clark Lake, MI.  Enjoy sincere hospitality in the new Victorian inn, the kind of welcome you would experience on the West Coast of the Emerald Isle, home of the Claddagh Village. The Claddagh Bed and Breakfast, named for an Irish word meaning “Love, Loyalty and Friendship,” was established in June 1997. The inn is located on 5 acres of beautiful wooded surroundings overlooking the beautiful sunsets of the Michigan countryside.

Enjoy the  spacious winding veranda in the early evening or stroll with your favorite cup of morning brew. You can relax in the cozy parlor by the fire. Six unique bedrooms with queen sized beds and private baths offer a variety of brass and wood furnishings all named after different counties of Ireland filled with treasures from each. Join  in the sunny dining room for a leisurely breakfast and sample the variety of homemade goodies. Consider the Michigan Hotel lodging as your alternative.

The Claddagh Bed and Breakfast, named for an Irish word meaning “Love, Loyalty and Friendship,” was established in June 1997. The inn is located on 5 acres of beautiful wooded surroundings overlooking the beautiful sunsets of the Michigan countryside.

International travellers will find the place affordable and convenient; vegeterian and vegan menus can be accommodated up on special requests. Travellers with special requests are encouraged to make their bookings in advance (at least 2 weeks). International travelers should carry their power supply adapters for US sockets (http://www.voltageconverters.com/plug_adapters.html), medical insurance for a safe and tension free holiday (see www.nriol.net they can provide coverage for citizens of all countries).


While staying at the Claddagh Bed and Breakfast enjoy the many activities and area attractions in the MI area. Come experience Michigan at it’s finest.

Michigan International Speedway

Irish Hills, Mystery Hills

  • Clark Lake
  • Round Lake (chain of 7 lakes)
  • Vandercook Lake
  • Wolf Lake
  • Golfing at the Golf Dome
  • The Cascades(light shows, golf, sledding in winter)

Have a Wonderful experience at Victorian inn

To have the Victorian inn experience, you should visit Claddagh Bed and Breakfast situated in Clarke Lake, Michigan. It was established during June 1997 and since then it has been offering world-class facilities. When you will come here you will enjoy a lot and will not get bored at all. If you are tired of your hectic life and want to go somewhere peaceful and comfortable then this is the Victorian Inn place you should visit. It is situated on the West Coast of the Emerald Isle which is very well-known for its calm and serene environment.
There are lots of activities that you can do at Claddagh Bed and Breakfast besides having a wonderful breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner like walking, bicycling, long-drive, boating, etc. You can also enjoy watching and taking pictures of the naturally beautiful places like Clarke Lake, Vandercook Lake, Round Lake, Wolf Lake, The Cascades, etc.
The hospitality and services offered by the staff of Victorian Inn is also great and customers are very satisfied. The staff will always be available whenever you need them or you want to solve any query. They have been carefully trained to give special treatment of each and everyone of the customers who are staying or are here for food. They treat everyone like a family and make them feel like they are at home.
Deciding where to go on a trip is not that easy as it may seem because the priority of every trip organizer is to go to a place where he and his family or friends can enjoy the most. If you are a nature lover then Victorian Inn is the most suitable place for you. You will see amazing wonders of the Mother Nature which will definitely make your experience worthwhile. Moreover when the weather it lovely, the surrounding places looks more attractive and tranquil.

Peace, Calm and Quiet at the Victorian inn

Whenever you travel to a place, you are interested in having accommodation that is befitting of the kind of trip you are having. You are always keen to get a place where you can enjoy accommodation while enjoying the rest of your trip. The Victorian Inn is one such place and it has become a common choice for accommodation by many people owing to the fact that it is very peaceful and quite calm. Many travelers tend to want to book their stay at the inn well in time to avoid disappointment because there are many people looking to complete their trips by topping it up with time spent at this inn.
The West Coast of the Emerald Isle is known for a number of things and one of them is the peaceful nature of the people. This has somehow rubbed off onto the Victorian Inn and now, whenever you visit the inn, you may easily think it is the single most peaceful place in the world. A visit to the Irish Hills will give you a chance to enjoy a good number of natural attractions like the Round Lake, The Cascades, Clark Lake, Wolf Lake, Vandercook Lake as well as golfing that takes place at the Gold Dome. All these are activities that attract various people from all around the world and naturally these people are always looking for the right kind of accommodation. This is where the inn comes in as the best location for accommodation in the area.
Whether you are thinking about a place where you can rest well or you are looking for a place where you will get some great breakfast, nice lunch and wonderful dinner, you can always rely on Victorian inn. The employees of the inn are fully aware that many of their customers are referred to the inn for its peace, calm and quiet so they are always keeping the inn moving in the same direction.