Nutcracker Ballet – How to Relax Your Muscles

If you have enrolled yourself in a Nutcracker Ballet season, you probably do know how stressful the rehearsal days can be. There are more than a few factors that can cause stress, and you have to manage everything keeping in mind your performance in the theatre. The number of hours that you spend going through the tech rehearsals and organizing everything in the dressing room can alone make you tired, thus having a negative impact on your overall performance. Since you are excited, the adrenaline will take you through, but this does not mean that you will perform your best. Thus, muscle management is of extreme importance during the Nutcracker Ballet season.

If this is your first time here, you will notice experienced dancers using foam rolls or balls under their feet and legs. These are, in fact, quite useful for relaxing your muscles if you over work them. Additionally, they can be used for relaxing most muscles muscles below your waist, and thus are handy tools for overall relaxation of your body.

How to use balls and rollers?

Begin from the sits bone and gradually come down to the thigh muscle. Ensure that you exert some pressure on it, but force is not at all required. You may encounter tender spots during the process which releases when the roller is pressed against it. You can take the roller down to your ankle, but be very gentle in sensitive areas.

Learning to use foam roller or sports balls will effectively ease your muscles, thus ensuring that your Nutcracker Ballet season remains exciting everyday. Also, you may want to search the internet for other techniques to relax the muscles in your body using these balls and rollers.